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More Cash for Kids

You know the economy is in decline when the amount of pocket money kids get each week becomes less and less!

A few years ago pocket money was on the rise and kids were getting an average of £8.40 a week. Today, the UK national average is about £5.80. In London children receive an average of around £7.80 a week, while in Wrexham it’s £2.50!

Boys spend most of their money, while girls tend to save for something they really, really want! Just over a third of all children save!

Save-save-save, spend... spend?

Parents are now helping the kids save more. And they’re talking about cash more, as well, according to a recent Tesco Bank survey. Making money for doing chores and other jobs around the house or within the family are also ensuring that earning money is fun not to mention rewarding!

Certainly kids are much more aware of money related matters in the household than they were. After all, they can hear their parents chatting away about bills, and earnings and paying for holidays – even problems, like debt!

And, above everything else, kids are the some of the most aware consumers on the planet. In conclusion, then, kids know how to save – well the girls do mostly! – and they know how to spend – well the girls do mostly… when they grow up!


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